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Just a week after French schools open, 70 cases of COVID19 has been identified linked directly to the schools. Over 150,000 junior high students poured back into their classrooms after the pandemic restrictions were lifted by the French government.  However, French education minister Jean-Michel Blanquer revealed in an interview that the lifting of the restrictions has endangered and contaminated some of the children and that affected schools will be immediately lock down.

Given that the incubation period of COVID19 is 14 days, it is likely that the flagged cases were infected prior to the opening of the schools and that there will be many more unidentified cases. France has identified over 142,411 COVID19 patients with 28,108 deaths.

This comes at a time when scientists are debating on children being “asymptomatic super-spreaders” of a sub-strain of the COVID19 which has been described to be similar to the Kawasaki disease. Over 125 children has been admitted to hospitals with this inflammatory syndrome with 1 recorded death.

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