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The Commissioner of Police Mohamed Hameed has just revealed that Maldives Police Service will be adopting the usage of Conducted Electrical Weapon (CEW) to de-escalate potential violence posed to on-duty officers of MPS officers. The Commissioner  went on to tweet that the aim of this program was to improve officer safety and public protection. He also assured that  the use of force will be governed  by the “use of force regulations” and all officers equipped with CEW’s will have body cams to increase accountability.

The adoption of CEW’s by the MPS has been highly criticized by the public.

The adoption of CEW’s by the Maldives Police Service comes at a time when the public support for the current administration is at an all-time low with many members of the public and the opposition party calling for the resignation of incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. Moreover many concerned citizens criticized this decision as unnecessary escalation and raised concerns with the unreliability of body cams as means to hold individual officers accountable for their actions.

Just last March in the US, Louisville Metro police department members with body cams  shot Ms Breonna Taylor (26), an award winning EMT to death during a no-knock raid to her apartment. It was later revealed that the team had entered her apartment due to a bureaucratic error where the real suspect had already been arrested.

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