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The Maldives Health Professionals Union has criticized the government’s amendment to the public sector salary schemes amid the pandemic calling it unacceptable to axe the overtime (OT) pay for the health workers. This comes at a time when the whole of the nation is under lockdown with health workers working day and night amid the COVID 19 pandemic. Many dissatisfied professional health workers took to social media to criticize the government’s decision with many pointing out that they are spending the holy month of Ramadan battling the pandemic only to face a pay cut.


Health professionals took it to social media to criticise the governments decision. 

The Maldives Health Professional Union also pointed out that 19 classes of health workers does not fit into any classification of job description by the government  and has been left with a base wage of 5610 rufiyaa ($363.82). Members of the Union and the public has taken it to social media to call out to the government to amend the new salary schemes with some criticizing the governments rising number of political appointees with high salaries.

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