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The Maldives Tourism Ministry has released  preliminary draft of the guideline that will be followed when Maldives re-opens is gates for tourism. The draft will be up for amendment till the end of this month. According to the new guideline, all incoming tourists will be charged $100 on arrival as testing fee for COVID 19 which they will be required to take and they will be required to stay under quarantine in their rooms at the resorts till they get their results.

The guideline also mentions that only resorts who obtain a $50,000  license  will be allowed to resume operations which will require the resorts to maintain 10% of their bed capacity as quarantine suites for tourists with additional safety requirements.

Furthermore the airport staffs will also be mandated to practice social distancing with a minimum of 1 meter between the staff and the tourist. The guideline also calls for disinfection equipments to be setup at the airport to disinfect all incoming luggage, tourists and their handheld luggage and devices.

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