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President of the People’s National Congress Abdul Raheem Abdulla has revealed that the former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s health has been deteriorating due to the authorities barring him access to the required health services. Coalition partner Abdul Raheem Abdulla went on to reveal that President Yameen who has pre-existing cardiac and spinal issues, has been denied access to medical services for months with the government denying deterioration of his health.

Following a highly irregular and telecasted court case, President Yameen was sentenced to a 5 year jail term with a fine of $5 million which many legal experts deemed as unconstitutional and against the spirit for the constitution and the judicial process  with the trial judge, the Chief Justice of the Criminal Court of Maldives getting swapped just 4 hour prior to the sentencing. Following his suspension, then Chief Justice of the Criminal Court of Maldives released a statement alleging the state’s top executives of interfering in the judicial process to ensure a conviction on the former President.

Supporters of President Yameen gathered at an event.

The legal team representing the former President has also accused the state of interfering in the judicial process citing that President Yameen’s appeal process has been on legal limbo for months end, subjecting him to an unfair imprisonment. The team also stated that President Yameen will not be awarded a fair and just appeal trial with the current administration and parliament’s sway over the judiciary.

However,  the former President continues to remain as popular as ever with last night thousands taking it to social media to celebrate President Yameen’s birthday with many thanking the former president for the rapid development the country experienced under his leadership.

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