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Opposition Vice-President and Member of Parliament for the Naifaru constituency Ahmed Shiyam has questioned the ruling party MDP on their inability to implement the policies in their presidential and parliamentary campaign manifestos. The opposition leader remarked on how then opposition MDP came into power by using former President Nasheed and his policies as a manifesto and as a selling point.

Tweet by opposition VP and MP Ahmed Shiyam.

MP Shiyam also went on to tweet commenting on the hypocrisy of the ruling party after its failure to stop the rampant corruption within the government after making “zero tolerance to corruption” one of its major pledges to the public. He continued on to question the ordinary members of the ruling party MDP “ I want to ask the beloved members of the ruling party MDP, are the policies pledged in the manifestos  sold to the public during the campaign being implemented under the current administration?”.

This comes at a time when support for the government is at an all-time low following massive allegations of corruption with the economy receding every fiscal quarter since 2019. Many prominent members of the ruling party along with the opposition has called for an early election with the current government’s failure to implement the policies pledged to the public and with the growing list of allegations of corruption.

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