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Just a week after swearing in again as the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu will be summoned to the East Jerusalem District Court on charges of fraud, breach of trust and bribery. Netanyahu who has an extensive history of military service is the first sitting Israeli Prime Minister to be summoned to a court on such charges.

The came into limelight after Israeli police raided Netanyahu’s residence three years ago after then Attorney General ordered an investigation following years of allegations of corruption. The trial against Netanyahu was scheduled to start in mid-March but got postponed  under orders from Netanyahu’s close ally then Justice Minister Amir Ohana citing the threat of COVID 19 pandemic, much to the criticism of  the Israeli public.

But with the restrictions easing up in Israel, court sessions will be resuming with Netanyahu’s trial scheduled for next Sunday where a panel of 3 judges will preside over the case against Netanyahu and 3 other defendants. Netanyahu’s legal team’s request for the case to be held in his absentia was denied by the court. The highly volatile nation of Palestine and it’s neighboring Israel’s future will be affected by the outcome of the trial as the Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas withdrawing from all US-Israel led peace talks and agreements. Additionally, King Abdullah II of Jordan has also warned Israel of “massive conflict” and withdrawal from the “Wadi Arabia Peace Treaty” due to Israel’s aggression over Palestine.

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