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President Solih has hinted of plans to ease restrictions imposed nationwide due to the spread of COVID 19. In his speech today on Raajje TV, President Solih hinted of the possibility of easing up the restrictions following cabinet meetings to create a plan on reopening the economy.

In his speech, president Solih advised the public to follow the instructions from medical professionals and to stay strong and that he understands the hardship the public is enduring. President Solih stated “ We have found the means to overcome this predicament, but it can only be done by following our instructions to the letter. Hopefully we will be able to get back to our lives and go back out there very soon.”.

However, plans to ease up on the lockdown has been met with much criticism as the number of positive cases has been rising daily with more than 1313 cases identified with 4 deaths associated to COVID 19. Public outrage has also been directed at the poor management of the pandemic along with allegations of massive corruption in procuring medical goods has driven the government in to the limelight.

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