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Saudi Arabian university fires one of its top Indian faculty members following islamophobic tweets and posts on social media. Jazan University is known for being the largest state funded nonprofit university Saudi Arabia houses 23 faculties spread across 8 campuses fired the leading research doctor after receiving multiple complaints of his Islamophobic posts.

The research  doctor who has been identified as an Indian national, Dr Neeraj Bedi is a medical professional with 26 years of experience in teaching and researching specializing in public health. He has also been awarded WHO fellowships in “Hospital Management” and “ Management of Malaria Field operations”.

Following reports of the islamophobic tweets, Jazan Univeristy tweeted stating that “On the basis of what was reported by the university authorities about the publication of offensive posts & tweets by a contracted faculty member, his registration/affiliation is cancelled. Jazan university affirms that it will firmly deal with any extremist /extreme ideology that affects the basic rules or deflect the direction of noble leadership.”. This comes at a time when Islamophobia and hate crimes are at an all-time high in India and amongst Indian nationals residing in other nations.

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