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Speaker of the Parliament former President Nasheed has decided to hold the the 40th Session of the 2020 Maldives Parliament at the parliament house this Sunday in violation of the lockdown order by the Maldives Health Protection Agency. This decision came following Speaker Nasheed’s remarks on how we cannot “afford” to restrict ourselves to the lockdown anymore.

Following the annunciation of a nationwide lockdown after flagging the first community spread of COVID 19, the Maldives Parliament has been conducting their sessions over the internet via the Zoom application. However, many prominent members of the ruling party including the Speaker of the Parliament former President Nasheed has stated that the parliament has the right to conduct the sessions within the parliament house instead of over the internet.

This decision by Speaker Nasheed is however in violation of the lockdown orders by the Director General of Public Health Maimoona Abu Bakr. The lockdown orders by the issued by the HPA does not give exception to the parliament nor its members to gather at the parliament.

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