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Teachers residing at the “Teachers Residence Complex” has raised their concern due to the lack of response from incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih following the submission of a petition calling for a rent moratorium on the apartments.

The petition in question called for a rent moratorium on the apartments or if possible, a cancellation of rent on the apartments for the duration of the pandemic. The petition was submitted to President Solih with 65 signatures out of the 75 current tenants at the apartment complex. Teachers residing at the apartment complex complained of their current low income combined with the lockdown has prevented them from earning a secondary income from tuition services.

The teachers are currently unable to pay the required 6000.00 rufiyaa rent for the apartment due to their incoming being more than halved. Moreover many of the teachers has not been able to pay last month’s rent subjecting them to a 50 rufiyaa fine for every day culminating in a 1500 rufiyaa fine to be paid next month.

The 80 apartments at the “Teachers Residence Complex” leased to both teachers and Education ministry staff was constructed during President Yameen’s administration with the intention of providing stable housing option for teachers. A secondary residence for teachers is located in Villimale’.

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