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Vacant restaurants and urban areas due to COVID19 has created a horde of hungry cannibalistic rats in Sydney according to one of its top “rat-catchers”. Following the implementation of the lockdown, the number of suburban rats infesting the city has sharply spiked according to Geoff Milton who has over 35 years of experience dealing with the rodent.

The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention has also warned that the rats in New York has also become unusually aggressive and resorted to cannibalism over the lack of food. This findings is backed by Professor Peter Banks from the University of Sydney, who is an expert on rodents.

According to the Professor, the rodents would have resorted to cannibalism within days of the implementation of lockdown as their food sources gets depleted. “They’re so dependent on our garbage and our split food. The rats we have in center of Sydney are the same species as in New York…They’re wholly dependent on us. If they produce babies they can’t support, they kill them. Or one of their relatives comes in and kills them” said Professor peter banks.

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