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Ruling Party MDP’s veteran MP Imthiyaz Fahmy has criticized the MDP government for the lack of freedom of media after alleging the state of controlling the media following the publication of the same exact article on 3 different medias, all praising incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih.

The article in question was first published by the “Feshun” news on May 27 at 04:56 pm under the titled “COVID-19: Vindication of President Solih’s patience and wisdom”. The article described how COVID 19 has been a test for the incumbent President and how he has overcome the crisis through his wisdom and patience.

This article under the same headline was then published word to word under the banner of “CNM” on 28th May at 6:00 pm. It was again published word to word on “” at 20:43 pm on the same day.

Ruling party MP Imthiyaz Fahmy advised the authorities not to control the media like this by allegedly forcing them to publish the same article by different medias. Allegations of the state controlling medias operating within Maldives through government loans and sponsorships has been rising with many opposition members accusing President Solih of keeping a short leash on the media to control his image and that of his government amongst the public after a series allegations of rampant corruption within his government.

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