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During last night’s press conference by the Maldives Police Service, they revealed that 5930 individuals have been fined for violating the lockdown orders and that they have no plans to rescind the fines.

It was revealed that that 1,000.00 rufiyaa hefty fine was imposed mainly on residents of Male’ city with 657 individuals fined in Hulhumale’ and another 107 individuals fined in Villimale’ earning a staggering Rufiyaa 5.9 million . Authorities also revealed that 338 individuals have been arrested for violating the lockdown with plans to send the cases to the Prosecutor General’s office for prosecution.

The massive fine has been subject to much criticism by the public as with the repeated extension of the lockdown without any decline in the number of new cases has driven the public in to a state of fear due to financial uncertainty with no government aid or supplementation programs in sight.

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