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Opposition VP and Member of Parliament for Naifaru Constituency Hon. Ahmed Shiyam has been attacked by the ruling party members during the ongoing parliament session.  The Vice President of the Progressive Party of Maldives was attacked by after he protested the decision by the ruling party to amend the Constitution of the Maldives. The 9 members of the opposition coalition were attacked and confronted by the 65 member led ruling party MPs.

The Opposition Coalition has preemptively stated in a Press Release that the coalition will not aid the ruling party in amending the constitution as it contravenes the rulings by the Supreme court of Maldives and that it violates the Parliamentary rules of Procedures.

In line with this, MP Shiyam protested to the speaker stating the violation o the rulings by the Supreme Court of Maldives. Following this MP Ahmed Shiyam was ordered to vacate the chamber but was attacked by ruling party MPs. It has been revealed that MP Shiyam sustained some injuries during the attack.  We will update as we receive .

Update: 4:01am 02/06/2020

Opposition VP Ahmed Shiyam has confirmed to have been injured during the attack on him by ruling party Mps.  He has been taken to the ADK hospital for treatment.

Update: 10:41am 02/06/2020

Opposition VP Ahmed Shiyam has been diagnosed with “Spinal Compression” by the medical professionals at the ADK hospital. According to experts, a Spinal Cord Compression is a serious medical emergency as it could lead to permanent loss of neurological function in the affected area and by extension the whole body itself if the compression is not relieved in its early stages.

The Opposition VP is currently being treated for his injuries while the Opposition coalition has submitted an official request to the Maldives Police Service following the brutal attack on their VP.

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