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A motion has been submitted to the Parliament by the Villimale constituency MP Ahmed Usham, asking to investigate the reclamation of Gulhifalhu reef labeled as “Gulhifalhu Ecocide” by environmental activists. The motion states that in accordance with article 22 of the Constitution of Maldives, economic development projects should be conducted without harming the natural environment of the Maldives.

His motion pleads to the Parliament Secretariat to launch an investigation in to the Gulhifalhu reclamation project and to ensure that the project is in line with the constitution and laws of the Maldives. According to the motion,  the reclamation project is being conducted by the Royal Boskalis without enacting the proper safety measures as stipulated in the “Environmental Impact Assessment”.

He went on to state that the turbidity of the water in the reef of  Villimale has been negatively affected with loose soil and sub-particles from the dredging process being washed up towards Villimale’ causing irreplaceable damage to the reef and marine life. Both the Environmental Protection Agency and Transparency Maldives along with former president Nasheed’s Maldives Coral Institute has criticized this controversial project.

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