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Representative for the 3rd Congressional District  of Michigan U.S Representative Justin Amash has announced that he intends to propose a bill that would end court protection of the Police. The bill labeled “Ending Qualified Immunity Act” would remove the legal impediments in the way of a civil lawsuit against members of the various police departments, which until now has been bared by the adoption of the “Qualified Immunity “ by the Supreme Court of the United States.

The “Qualified Immunity ” refers to a doctrine adopted by the United States Supreme Court over 50 years ago which protects government employees from litigation for performing discretionary actions within their official capacity as a government employee. In the past this has shielded members of the police force from being sued by grieving families. Several recent cases has been reported where even if the courts rule that the officer had gone beyond the legal jurisdiction, they would not be libel for a financial lawsuit.

Minneapolis Representative Ilhan Omar has announced that she will back Representative Justin Amash’s bill when he proposes it coming today. Meanwhile Democratic senators and representatives has proposed a series of separate bills which would mandate the creation of a federal police misconduct registry  while another bill would put an end to the militarization of the local police departments nationwide.

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