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Following the Assault on Opposition VP and Member of Parliament for the Naifaru Constituency Hon. Ahmed Shiyam by ruling party Parliamentarians, Doctors have diagnosed him with a Spinal Cord Compression and fractured bones.

Doctors have identified that due to the violent  assault on Hon. Ahmed Shiyam, his Spinal Cord has been damaged due to blunt trauma and has been herniated at the L3 disc and is currently seeking medical treatment for it. Additional X-ray Imaging has also revealed that he has fractured ribcage bones which require at least 4 weeks of bed rest.

Spinal Cord Compression or “Herniated Disc’s” are usually caused by the subjecting the spinal cord to repetitive force. The movement of the vertebrae can cause damages to the nerve roots resulting in permanent neurological impairment.

 Last night’s assault on the Opposition VP has been much criticized by the public with the Opposition Coalition filing an official case with the Maldives Police Service asking to launch an official investigation.

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