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Following the assault on the Opposition VP and MP for the Naifaru Constituency Hon. Ahmed Shiyam by the ruling party MPs, locals from Lh.Naifaru is staging a protest against the attack. The attack which took place during the parliament session held to amend the Constitution of Maldives has resulted in serious injuries to the opposition VP.

Protestors calling for the resignation of Speaker Nasheed and Police Commissioner Hameed.

Maintaining social distancing and while wearing masks, the residents of Lh.Naifaru has voiced out against the attack on their MP which has resulted in a spinal compression and a fractured rib. The assault took place after the Speaker of the Parliament Former President Mohamed Nasheed asked ruling party MPs to forcibly remove the opposition VP in violation of the Parliament Rules of Procedure.

Allegations of Speaker Nasheed instigating the assault on MP Shiyam has been floating since the attack.

The highly controversial Parliament session which took place at 1:30am midnight on the 2nd of June 2020 was held to amend the constitution of Maldives, was according to the Opposition Alliance held in violation of the rulings by the Supreme Court of Maldives and contravenes the Parliament Rules of Procedure.

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