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A lawsuit has been filed against the tech giant Google for the illegal invasion of privacy of millions of users. The $5 billion lawsuit was filed at the San Jose Federal court in California by 3 individuals represented by Boeis Schiller & Flexner who stated that Google has been amassing information from its users through its browsers even when used in “incognito mode”.

The lawsuit seeks $5 billion from the tech giant for illegal collection of information from what people view to where they view it despite the use of Google’s “Incognito Mode” which the company claims to give the user anonymity from watchful eyes. Though security experts have long raised doubts on the mode’s authenticity,  Google continues to claim that the Mode will shield the user from data collection.

The lawsuit however claims that Google has been collecting data through its Ad managers and other plugins while in “Incognito Mode” on both PC and smartphones regardless of whether the user clicked the ad or not. The plaintiffs went on to state that “Google cannot continue to engage in covert and unauthorized data collection from virtually every American with a computer or phone”. However, Google spokesperson Joe Castaneda defended the corporation saying that the company will defend itself vigorously.

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