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Ruling party Chairperson and MP for Henveiru Hulhangu Constituency, MP Hassan Latheef has tweeted warning the Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdullah not to interfere with parliamentary matters. This came following the brawl in within the parliament chambers when Speaker of the Parliament Former President Mohamed Nasheed ordered his ruling party MPs to forcibly remove the an Opposition VP from the chambers, leaving the opposition MP with a Spinal Compression  and a fractured rib.

The matter escalated when the Opposition coalition lodged the case at the Maldives Police Service against Speaker Nasheed and its head, Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdullah went on to live television stating that he will ensure a free and fair investigation against Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and that rule of law will prevail in the Maldives. Sheikh Imran Abdullah who was heavily involved in the 2011 protests which led to President Nasheed’s resignation, is a current coalition partner for the government.

MP Hassan Latheef who took it to twitter after last night’s comments from Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla, warned that the government coalition partner Sheikh Imran Abdullah and his Adhaalath Party did not win a single seat in the parliamentary election and thus has no right to interfere with parliamentary matters. However, former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Maldives Dr Ahmed Abdulla Didi has shared with the public the  his view on the matter stating that the Parliamentary Immunity imbibed upon the MPs only cover them while they’re performing their parliamentary duties and as such does not cover them when they engage in violence against fellow parliamentarians.

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