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The European Conservatives and Reformists Group (ECR) has condemned the recent assault other opposition VP and MP for Naifaru Constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam by ruling party MPs calling it “an attack that puts the democracy in the country under threat.”. In a statement released tonight, ECR condemned the brutal assault on the opposition MP on the 2nd of June stating that the attack on the opposition VP has put the democracy in the country under threat.

The statement by the ECR Group continued on to address how the opposition 9 members were barred entry to the parliament chambers while the ruling party amended the constitution. “These incidents undermine much of the democratic institutional reforms undertaken in the country since 2004, as well as public confidence in the political system, creating a climate of fear and intimidation against lawmakers of the opposition” states the release on how the attack was detrimental to the democratic process in the country.

The statement also noted on the Progressive Congress Coalition’s Joint Parliamentary Group’s decision to boycott the Parliament sessions in solidarity with MP Ahmed Shiyam. The statement closed with the ECR Group calling for the Maldivian government to launch a full scale investigation in to the violent attack and to ensure democratic process, good governance and human rights within the nation. They also called on to the European Union to make stronger representation to the Maldivian government due to the devolution in the democratic process within Maldives.

 While the Maldivian government authorities has been silent so far on the assault and the police case lodged afterwards, incumbent Home Minister Imran Abdullah has reassured to the public that a free and fair investigation will be conducted while ruling party Chairperson MP Hassan Latheef has described the investigation as an attempt by the Home Minister to interfere with Parliamentary matters. MP Ahmed Shiyam who sustained a Spinal Compression and a fractured rib during the assault now awaits further medical treatment from abroad.

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