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According to a study published in the United Kingdom today, nationwide usage of facemasks could lower the transmission of COVID19 to a manageable level and prevent a possible second wave of the pandemic after the nations ease up on the restrictions.

The study conducted by the Cambridge University in collaboration with the Greenwich University showed that even the most rudimentary forms of facemasks made in homes could drastically lower the transmission rates, provided that enough people wear them. The study showed that a simple lockdown is not enough to impede the spread of COVID19, but the adoption of facemasks along with social distancing could potentially stop the spread of COVID19.

Richard Stutt who co-led the study said that “Our analyses support the immediate and universal adoption of facemasks by the public.”.  Globally, over 7 million cases of COVID19 has been identified with a mortality rate of 5.73%. while many nations are easing up on the restrictions and lockdowns following a drop in new cases, medical experts are still urging the governments and the public to continue to practice social distancing and the use of proper hygiene.

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