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The Prime minister of the Palestinian National Authority has declared that Palestine will declare statehood if Israel continues to annex Palestinian lands under its occupation program. Mohammad Shtayyeh who swore in as the Prime Minister  of the Palestinian National Authority in April 2019 said that there was no point in waiting to declare statehood after a peace treaty if Israel continues to annex Palestinian lands.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s pledge to annex more Palestinian lands has been described as “an existential threat” by the Palestinian authorities. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to foreign Jewish settlers that the Israel government will proceed with the annexation of Palestinian lands regardless of U.S president Trump’s peace plans.

Prime Minister Shtayyeh said that the Paletsinian national Authority is currently engaged in dialogue with other states to impose political pressure against the Israeli occupation, and to possibly threaten Israel with sanctions.  “What we want is that Israel should feel the heat” said prime minister Shatayyeh speaking at a press in Ramallah.  Shatayyeh said this following growing international concern due to Israeli occupation and apartheid. Following the annunciation of the expansion of the occupation program, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has already declared that all existing agreements with Israel were void.

Shatayyeh’s decision to move on with the declaration of Palestinian statehood has been met positively with many world leaders including the Uk government, which said that “The UK will recognize a Palestinian state a time of our choosing, and when it best serves the objective of peace.”.

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