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The Opposition Progressive Congress Coalition has condemned the Parliament Speaker’s decision to reject a motion submitted by coalition MP Fazul Rasheed. The motion submitted by the Felidhoo Constituency MP Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed requests Parliament and government attention to the serious land erosion problem face by the constituents of V.atoll Fulidhoo.

In a statement released today, the opposition alliance condemned the Speaker’s decision to arbitrarily remove the motion from the agenda, against the Parliament Rules of Procedure. Speaker Nasheed who removed the motion citing absence of the opposition members is met with criticism as opposition MPs have been boycotting the parliament session citing “unsafe environment for a democratic process” following the frenzied brawl by ruling party MPs which left the opposition Deputy Leader MP Ahmed Shiyam with a spinal compression and a fractured rib.

The statement also criticized the parliament Councilor General, Secretary General and the Sargent-at-arms for their silence against the Speaker’s breach of Parliament protocol, aiding and abetting him in his extrajudicial conduct. Earlier last year controversy broke out after Speaker Nasheed removed a a bill by MP Fazul which mandated that all inhabited islands have access to Pre-school education. The former Presidents conduct as the Speaker has been highly criticized even by fellow parliamentarians and government coalition members with some describing it as “an attempt to silence the voice of the minority.’.

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