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Former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed and former First Lady Ilham Hussein has become the victim of an unprovoked attack while out for their morning jog at the “Ussfassgandu” area near the China-Maldives Friendship bridge.  Taking it to twitter, the former President said that he was attacked by a prominent ruling party activists, commonly known as “Joarey”. He continued on to state that those present at that area would have witnessed the barbaric attack on the couple. Members of the public and the opposition has called to investigate the barbaric attack on the former President.

Under the constitution, former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed is entitled to state provided security detail. At this point it is unclear why the former President did not have a security detail with him during his early morning walk. Dr. Mohamed Waheed is widely known for his work in UNICEF as the head of UNICEF program in a dozen Asian and  European nations.

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