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India’s largest city and heart of Bollywood is struggling with the spike in COVID19 cases as the number of confirmed patients reach 55,000 with 2,044 deaths. Over the past 24 hours an additional 1,366 new cases were identified while 90 deaths were reported.

Mumbai’s governing civic body Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) reported that the city’s COVID19 outbreak has been the worst in the state with the Intensive Care Units (ICUs) at 99% capacity and 94% of ventilators in use. In addition to this BMC reported that even beds with oxygen providing capacity is running low as 3,986 of the 5,260 beds are occupied by COVID19 patients. This however, is just the tip of the iceberg as the situation is much more critical in Mumbai with the 1,0450 beds setup as Dedicated COVID hospitals and centers are also being filled up with 9,098 beds occupied by COVID patients.

Mumbai being India’s financial capital, has caused serious distress to the central government as the number of reported cases in Mumbai soared pass the number of reported cases in China’s Wuhan where the virus allegedly originated from. Concerns over the rapidly growing number of COVID19 patients is only further fuelled due to the poor medical infrastructure in outside of urban centers.

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