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Surface temperatures of Russia’s massive Siberia raised more than 10 degree Celsius compared to that of last month, making it the hottest recorded May in Siberia since temperature records were  started recording in 1979.

“It’s an alarming sign” said climate scientists from Copernicus Climate Change Service, according to whom the world as a whole experienced its hottest May on record last month. The temperature fluctuations recorded in the northwestern Siberia would naturally only occur once every 100,000 years, which is now occurring more frequently due to climate change effects said Climate scientist Martin Stendel.

“It wasn’t just May that was warmer than usual, the region experienced periods of higher than average surface air temperatures throughout winter and spring” said Martin Stendel. This raise in temperatures is already causing a myriad of side effects to the region with Russian president Putin declaring State of Emergency after 20,000 tons of fuel spilled into the Siberian tundra and a nearby river after a fuel tank collapsed due to the Siberian permafrost thawing. Authorities have warned of infrastructure failure due to climate change in the coming years, and have advised engineers to take precautions when designing critical infrastructures.

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