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The Parliament Committee on National Security and Foreign Relations has initiated an investigation into the resignation of President Mohamed Nasheed on the 7th February 2012. The decision to probe the case again after the 2012 investigation conducted with the Commonwealth, came after an individual of the public wrote to the parliament Speaker former President Nasheed.

The letter stated that 3 individuals of the public Abdulla Riyaz (Thimarafushi constituency MP), Mohamed Nazim (Dhagethi constituency MP) and one Ahmed Fayaz (FA) was seen demanding the unconditional resignation of President Nasheed on loudspeaker. The letter also stated that these 3 individuals had entered the President’s Office  and against standard protocol, delivered President Nasheed’s resignation letter to then speaker of the Parliament Abdulla Shahid.

Speaker Nasheed’s decision to initiate an investigation into his resignation has sparked speculation amongst the public as the former President has been inconsistent on his claims whether his resignation was of his own free will, or whether it was a product of a coup. The 2012 investigation conducted with the aid, oversight, and integral involvement of  the Commonwealth and the United Nations, deemed that the resignation was of former President Nasheed’s own free will.

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