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The Presidential Commission on Disappearances and Deaths has denied Speaker of the Parliament former President Nasheed’s allegation that the commission has stopped all its on going investigations.

While questioning the Islamic Minister Dr Ahmed Zahir regarding extremism in the Maldives, Speaker Nasheed said that he has received a letter stating that the commission will be discontinuing all its ongoing investigations mandated by the law. Reasoning that the investigation’s integrity has been lost due to their preliminary drafts reports being leaked by the Speaker of the Parliament.

This claim has however been refuted with the commission declaring that the Parliament had requested for an update on the investigation. In the statement released today, the commission stated that the commission was facing obstacles in collecting evidence but no decision was made on discontinuing the investigations. The commission also reassured to the public that the investigations will proceed as planned. However, the commission has not had any meetings or progress on its investigations since the commissions head Uz. Husnu-Al Suood’s appointment to the Supreme Court on December 2019.

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