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The Commission on Disappearances and Deaths has sent a letter to the Parliament stating that they cannot continue on with the mandated investigations. This includes notable cases such as the disappearance of Ahmed Rilwan and the death of Yameen Rasheed.

The Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed said that the supposed reason for that the Commission is unable to proceed with the investigation is because of the draft reports of the cases being leaked. The draft reports which were leaked was said to have been only sent to the Speaker of the Parliament according to commission members, leaving Speaker Nasheed as the cause of discontinuing the investigations.

Public outrage and criticism has been directed at the government and ruling party as bringing closure to the bereaved family members from these cases was one of the key pledges made by both incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed. Social media denizens has always however speculated that the Maldives Democratic Party had politicized these deaths.

Key ruling MPs and activists have on multiple occasions alleged that the murders and deaths were orchestrated by then President Yameen Abdul Gayoom. Current Deputy Speaker and niece of Speaker Nasheed, Eva Abdulla has on multiple occasions pinned the death on then President Yameen Abdul Gayoom. The leaked reports however contradicted these claims vindicating the former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom while members of the bereaved families has called out on the ruling party for its abuse of trust and failure to bring closure to those grieving.

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