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Opposition Deputy leader and MP for the Naifaru Constituency Ahmed Shiyam has criticized the government and it’s Presidential Commissions for its failures. The Deputy Leader of the coalition and main opposition parliament took it to Twitter to lay out his sentiments regarding the failures.

MP Ahmed Shiyam pointed out that bringing closure to the 5 grieving families of those missing or died under questionable circumstances since 2012 was one of the key pledges by the current ruling coalition. He also remarked on how the current President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih reassured to these families that he would bring closure to them within 24 hours of  swearing in as the President.

The opposition deputy leader also commented on the ruling party’s allegations of former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom green lighting state sanctioned murders, which has since been debunked as propaganda by the Commission on Disappearances and Deaths created by incumbent President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. MP Ahmed Shiyam said that the current ruling party lied to the public by engaging in a smear campaign against President Yameen Abdul Gayoom by making false allegations of murder in a bid to gain popular support.

MP Ahmed Shiyam went on to note how the current government’s imprisonment of their opposition leader former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom is unconstitutional. He continued on to state that the arbitrary imprisonment of the sole opposition leader will not bring closure of justice to the bereaved families. He also pointed at the current Home Minister Sheikh Imran Abdulla who at a protest during President Yameen’s administration flaunted what was allegedly proof of President Yameen sanctioning murder’s according to him, a matter which the current Home Minister refuses to speak further upon.

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