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One of the worst recorded cases of locust swarming is taking place in the East African nations. The already economically troubled states are being bombarded with the economic repercussions from the COVID-19 pandemic when the locust swarms moved into the region. An estimated 120 million people will be affected by the locust swarm due to loss of food crop and livestock.

Experts from the International Rescue Committee has predicted that even with the current measures taken against the swarm, an estimated 5 million people will starve in the coming few months. Locusts swarms are one of the most deadly natural pests against food crops as they consume an unimaginable amount of food. A relatively small swarm the size of 1km2 can consumed enough food crops for 35,000 people.

The super swarm is reported to have destroyed hundreds of thousands of hectares of farmlands in eight East African nations. But the danger from the locust swarm is only growing as a 4th generation of locusts are ready to hatch in a few weeks which is estimated to be 8,000 times larger than the current swarm, the largest locust swarm to be recorded in history.

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