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Maafannu West constituency MP Mohamed Falah has submitted a motion to the Parliament calling to investigate an alleged misplacement of a report by former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan. The report allegedly was the culmination of an investigation on the now debunked illegal sale of $800 million worth oil by the former President Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

The case which had been investigated by the Presidential Commission on Asset recovery and the Presidential Commission on National Inquiry during President Nasheed’s administration was found to be a smear campaign against then cabinet minister Yameen Abdul Gayoom.

The motion passed by 38 members of the ruling party calls for the retrieval of the supposed document and for its submission to the Prosecutor General’s office, President’s office, the Finance ministry and the central bank MMA. The submission of this motion coincides with the appointment of former President Dr. Mohamed Waheed Hassan as the Special Advisor to the opposition coalition with members of the public calling this an act of political vengeance.

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