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The Chinese city of Yiwu in the Zheijiang province is launching a free inquiry service for its resident’s which would allow them to screen their prospective husband or wife for a history of domestic abuse and violence. According to “The Paper”, couples will be allowed to check their future partner’s history by submitting a formal form of identification. The eastern city known for being the world’s largest wholesale market, launched this service in a bid to tackle the domestic abuse problem.

The service however limits the number of inquiry from a single person to 2 check a year, to prevent abuse of the service. China which still has a large number of arranged marriages has seen positive changes with a decline in domestic abuse cases following a raise in public awareness. The service will also allow the user to check if their partner has had abused or was involved in any violent confrontations with any previous spouses or even with family members.

Zhou Daning along with other members  from the Women’s Federation of Yiwu welcomed the service stating that the service will protect women from abusive relationships. Domestic abuse has traditionally been one of the leading causes of the high number of women in homicide cases. An estimated 70% of women murdered in Canada, Israel, South Africa, Australia and the United States are killed by their partners after prolonged subjugation to domestic violence.

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