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Former Advirsor to the Secretary General of Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Dr Shaheem Ali Saeed has been appointed as an Advisor to the Progressive Congress Coalition. At an event held at Dhimyaath Halls, Dr Shaheem Ali Saeed was appointed to the post of Advisor to the Progressive Congress Coalition with full endrosement of the joint council of the Coalition.

Speaking to MNN, the Secretary General of PPM Mr. Mohamed Shakeel said that “The appointment of Dr Shaheem as an advisor to the coalition is a good decision. We need the experience and guidance of our leadership and intelectuals and former statesmen such as Dr Shaheem, Dr Waheed and Dr Jameel to guide this nation back on the path to recovery.”.

Several heavyweights in Maldivian politics have joined the Progressive Congress Coalition in the past few months including former President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik and former Vice-President Dr Mohamed Jameel Ahmed. Dr Shaheem who served as the running mate of former President Yameen in the 2018 Presidential Elections is widely known for his viruosity in reciting the Holy Quran and for serving as the Islamic Minister during the previous Administration.

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