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At an event held today at the PNC office, Vice-President of the PPM Dr. Mohammed Muizzu has alleged that the current government is making deals with foreign powers which threaten the sovreignety and independence of Maldives. Dr Mohamed Muizzu said that “This country is being sold right in front of us while we are unaware of what’s happening.”.

Dr Mohammed Muizzu also stated that the current government has no room to accuse the opposition of stopping development in the north after what the ruling party did as the opposition to stop the development projects in the north during the previous administration.

Dr Mohammed Muizzu went on to state that “The time to stand up for the sake of this nation is now, it is now or never. There won’t be anything left to stand up for if we do not make a stand today.”. Dr. Mohammed Muizzu who served as the former Housing minister has been vocal about the current governments corruption and the lack of transparency in its governing. He is also the opposition candidate for the Male’ city mayors seat.

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