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The Ministry of Finance and Treasury has declined to provide any information regarding the recent $250 million loan from the Indian government. The Ministry declined to reveal this information after an inquiry was requested by the local “Dhiyares News” under the “Right to information act”.

According to Dhiyares News senior Journalist Ahmed Azaan, the inquiry requests to reveal the details of the sale of $250 million worth bonds to the Indian government, including the interest rates. The Ministry however declined to reveal any information citing article 25 of the “Right to information act” which states that in case of disclosure posing irrevocable damage to involved parties, the state institute has the right to deny information. The damage mentioned in the article is further detailed as damage to trade secrets, detrimental effects on a third-persons business or causing adverse effects on the relations between two states.

The Ministry’s decision to deny the Inquiry comes on the “International Day of Universal Access to Information” with the “Dhiyares News” declaring their intention to appeal the decision at the Appeal Committee of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury.

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