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Central Hithadhoo constituency MP Ahmed Rasheed has revealed possible plans to initiate cargo shipping between Addu city and Africa through the Cochin ferry service. In a tweet made last night MP Ahmed Rasheed said that he hopes to initiate scheduled cargo shipping service between Chochin and Addu city, with an additional line to connect Addu city with Africa.

MP Ahmed Rasheed tweeted this with an image of a naval shipping route with two trade routes marked from Addu to Mozambique and Madagascar. The routes also indicate that the trade would commence with the island nation of Seychelles with Mozambique being down the line along with Madagascar. Mp Ahmed Rasheed did not reveal whether this plan has been adopted by the government or if it is a part of any official document.

The naval trade route tweeted by Central Hithadhoo MP Ahmed Rasheed


The trade destinations marked on the image noticeably does not contain any major ports with Mozambique and Madagascar being a largely agrarian state. However, with the start of the Cochin-Kulhudhuffushi ferry, ruling party MPs have shown interest in introducing cargo ferry services between foreign states. In a recent tweet made by MP Ahmed Shifau of Ihavandhoo constituency expressed his interest in connecting the Cochin-Kulhudhuffushi ferry to Dubai.

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