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This publication is to serve as a fact checking memo on the against ongoing misinformation campaigns. We here at MNN firmly stand against misinformation and any foreign influence on the Maldives and will routinely publicize fact checks as the article below. 

One of the most popular questions asked on Google when it comes to India-Maldives relations is ‘Why did Maldives separate from India?”.  The answer to this is fairly simple, Maldives never separated from India as it has never been a a part of India.

Early records dating as far as back to 1117 A.D indicate that Maldives was an independent state from the many regional kingdoms to the North. It wasn’t  until 1845-1885 that under the British East India Company that all the regional kingdoms were united and the lands annexed into one, which we now know as India.

It is a historically backed fact that Maldives has always been an independent state, predating the formation of India by 728 years. The notion of Maldives being a part of India in some vague part of history is reminiscent of Israel’s claims of Jerusalem being a part of Israel, a state which is to turn 72 years claiming land from a 5,000 year old state.

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