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US President Donald Trump along with his wife, the First Lady of the United States Melania Trump has been tested positive for COVID-19. According to sources, President Trump and the First Lady was tested positive on the early hours of Friday after Melania Trump showed symptoms of COVID-19. President Trump in tweeting on the subject.

In his tweet President Trump said that the couple will go into to immediate quarantine and that they will get through it “together”. The President’s personal physician Navy Commander Dr. Sean Conley issued a memo stating that the Presidential family will remain at the White House for the quarantine and recovery.

Doctors have shown concern after President Trump’s revelation as the aging president falls into the “At-risk” category of COVID-19 due to his age, weight and overall physical health. News of President Trump testing positive for COVID-19 has also been met with indifferent reaction by the public following months of President Trump denying the severity and dangers posed by COVID-19.

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