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Indian Opposition Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has made headlines after expressing strong concerns on the future of democracy in India under Indian Prime-Minister Narendra Modi’s fascist regime. Speaking at a press conference in Punjab today, Rahul Gandhi was confronted by journalist who alleged that the weak opposition party shares burden of responsibility for the current state of India.

When asked if BJP’s radical fanaticism and success could be attributed to Congress’s failure, Rahul Gandhi said that “Any opposition in any country works within a framework. The Framework is the press, the judicial system, institutions that protect the voice of the people, and that entire framework has been captured, the entire architecture of giving voice to the people of India is captured and controlled by BJP”.

The young opposition leader continued on to state “Give me free press, institutions that are free, and then this government won’t last.”. Rahul Gandhi re-iterated on the importance of a free press in a democratic system and how Modi and his RSS factions had systemically incapacitated democratic institutions within India.

Amidst growing tension between various ethnic groups, India has become a hotbed for violence, mob lynching and gang rape. Just last week a Dalit women was raped, strangled and left for dead while a Muslim man had his hand amputated with a chain saw with the police refusing to investigate as the perpetrators in both cases had close ties to the RSS, the father organization of BJP.

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