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Speaker of the Parliament Mohamed Nasheed has refused to agenda a motion submitted by opposition Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam calling of the declassification of all agreements with India. At today’s parliament session, the Naifaru constituency MP Ahmed Shiyam submitted the motion after the Defense ministry declined to reveal the number of Indian soldiers stationed in the Maldives during an appeal hearing at the Information Commissioner’s Office.

Speaker Nasheed justified his decision not to agenda the motion citing his confidence in the government. MP Ahmed Shiyam however, stated that this decision is a step back in democracy for Maldives and that the ruling party may as well “lock up” the parliament as long as they’re in power. He further alleged that over 50 Indian military personnel has been stationed in the Maldives for over 10 years under the guise of providing training.

 MP Ahmed Shiyam who also serves as the opposition PPM’s Vice-President has been vocal on the growing concern on the Indian military presence in the Maldives. The veteran parliamentarian has proven to be a thorn in the side of Speaker Mohamed Nasheed and his super-majority led Parliament. MP Ahmed Shiyam was the victim of an attack inside the parliament chambers, resulting in fractured ribs and a herniated vertebrae.

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