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World’s richest man, Jeff Bezos has been accused of hiring intelligence agents. Members of the European Union parliament has written to the Amazon CEO accusing him of hiring trained intelligence agents to spy on politicians, trade unionists and staffs of state institutions.

The letter drafted by Leïla Chaibi from the La France Insourmise party backed by 36 Members of the European Parliament stated “We wonder o about your intentions with great concern: does Amazon’s  monitoring intentionally target trade unionists, Amazon workers as well as political representatives who could possibly express criticism of its activities?”.

This came after Amazon posted a job listing for two “Intelligence Analysts” with fluency in French and Spanish. The job description detailed that the Intelligence analysts would have to monitor various threats to Amazon from trade unions and hostile politicians.

Though the job listing was later removed, Amazon’s operations has been put under scrutiny  especially in the past few years with many unions accusing Jeff Bezos of forcing his employees to work under inhumane conditions. Politicians continue to question Amazon’s control over the market with many left-wing politicians accusing Jeff Bezos and Amazon of holding monopoly over the market.

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