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Acting Chair of the opposition alliance Abdul Raheem Abdulla has called for the unconditional removal of all Indian soldiers stationed in the Maldives. At a press conference held today, PNC President Abdul Raheem Abdulla heavily criticized the current government’s decision to classify all documents on the agreements made with India.

Abdul Raheem Abdulla highlighted on this by stating that “ We, now know that Indian soldiers are here. First they said that there was no foreign military presence here, then we heard that there was no armed military presence here. Now we’re hearing that revealing the number of Indian Soldiers here would pose a threat to national security.”. Abdul Raheem Abdulla went on to call for the unconditional removal of Indian Soldiers from Maldives.

“Being geographically smaller does not grant you a license to occupy our country. This message is for Indian prime Minister Modi” said Abdul Raheem Abdulla.

He continued on to state that “We have tried to being diplomatic and avoid engaging in direct confrontation but the Maldives being in the Indian Ocean does not mean that we belong to Indian Prime Minister Modi.”. Abdul Raheem Abdulla continued on to state that “We are ready for whatever sacrifice we have to make to for the independence and sovereignty of this nation, whatever it takes, we are ready for it.”.

The opposition alliance’s calls for the removal of Indian Soldiers in Maldives is backed by the thousands of citizens calling out over concern on the subject of Indian military presence. On 28th August 2020 nationwide protests took place with thousands of youths taking it to the streets in the form of a motorcycle rally in the capital city, calling for the removal of Indian military presence in the Maldives. Over 180 islands were recorded to have participated in the nationwide protests.

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