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The Supreme Court of Maldives has passed a verdict stating that the court order issued by the Criminal Court of Maldives to freeze the accounts of former President Abdullah Yameen as unlawful. The court order issued by the criminal court has also been deemed unlawful by the High Court of Maldives, with state prosecutors taking the case to the Supreme Court of Maldives.

At the court session held today, Supreme Court justices noted that the Court order to freeze the accounts of the former President was regarding an escrow account held between former President Yameen and the Anti-Corruption Commission after USD1 million was deposited into former President Abdulla Yameen’s account by an unknown individual. They highlighted that the personal accounts of the former President is not relevant to the suspicious transaction and alleged money laundering case, passing a verdict that the freezing of the 8 accounts of former President Abdulla Yameen as unlawful.

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