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PPM Vice-President MP Ahmed Shiyam has condemned the attack on the Rapid Response Team medical professional  by Dhiggaru Constituency MP Ikram Hassan. In a tweet made today MP Ahmed Shiyam urged the Maldives Police Service to investigate the issue without bias, advising not to categorize the case into the “Royal” category.

The “Royal” category mentioned in MP Ahmed Shiyam’s tweet refers to the impunity of the senior government officials and ruling party members after committing various crimes including the alleged rape of a Kenyan women, which the Maldives Police Service are yet to investigate or prosecute. MP Ahmed Shiyam noted in his tweet that “Members of the Rapid Response Team (RRT)  are working on the frontline, and they have the highest exposure COVID-19.”.

MP Ahmed Shiyam who represents the Naifaru Constituency, ended his tweet with a reminder to respect the medical professionals risking their lives in the pandemic.

Public outrage has been targeted at Dhiggaru Constituency MP Ikram Hassan who denied the attack, contradicting the statement by both witnesses and the Maldives Health professionals Union (MHPU). MP Ikram Hassan has maintained that he did not attack any member of the RRT and stated that the RRT member who conducted the Nasopharyngeal swab lacked training.

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