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The attorneys of the Safari rape case victim, case has released a video alleging the Maldives Police Service of tampering with the witness statement provided by the Kenyan women. Uza. Shafeea Riza made the allegations in a tweet made today with the video footage attached.

In the video, an unknown individual is heard discussing with the Investigation Officer on tampering with the witness statement. The Safari Rape case, also known as the “Royal Rape Case” took place last July when two individuals with strong affiliations with the ruling party allegedly raped a Kenyan women aboard a safari vessel, forcing her to jump overboard. The term “Royal Rape” was dubbed after the perpetrators were freed after being apprehended at the site of crime, citing strong connections to the current Maldivian government.

The video released by Uza. Shafeea Riza also showed the Police Investigation Officer and the unknown individual mocking the attorneys of the victim. In her tweet, Uza. Shafeea Riza stated that “This video of the IOs mocking lawyers of a victim & trying to tamper with victim statement, is clear evidence of intention of the police in this case.”.

She further stated that the case has been formally reported to the Maldives Police Service, Prosecutor General’s Office, and the National Integrity Commission. The recent string of rape and sexual harassment by top officials and affiliates of the government has stirred controversy and outrage amongst the public. Multiple protests were staged by independent youths and NGO’s calling to end impunity amongst the ruling class and to prosecute sexual offenders regardless of their class or political affiliation.

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