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The Belarus police has been permitted to use lethal force against protestors. According to its Interior Ministry, security forces were given the permit to use lethal force against protestors calling for the resignation of President Alexender Lukashenko.

Following the highly debated August 9th election, protests broke out in the capital city of Minsk with protestors calling for President Alexender Lukashenko’s resignation. Security forces have been engaging with the protestors in the capital city since the election. While¬† President Alexender Lukashenko who has been in power since 1994 has maintained that his win has been legitimate, the opposition along with the whole of the western nations has rejected the election results.

Alexender Lukashenko has been known as Europe’s last dictator with his decades long rule under which he has been accused of multiple human rights violations. However, Russian control over the region has meant that both the European Union and the US would not take any action or sanctions against President Alexender Lukashenko.

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