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John & Johnson’s has paused its production of the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the pharmaceutical giant, an unknown illness was exhibited by one of its volunteer testers bringing the trials to a halt. The vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine branch Janssen, has been conducting the world’s biggest human trials for COVID-19 vaccine.
According to Dr Ashish Jha, the dean of Brown University school of Public Health, the pause in the trial is expected and a reminder of the “ridiculousness” of trying to meet a political timeline. She further elaborated that with over 60,000 participants, “you’d expect a few pauses.”. Johnson and Johnson’s has also backed this stating that “There is a significant distinction between a study pause and a regulatory hold on a clinical trial.”.

Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine’s human trial is the third such trial to be paused in the US, following AstraZeneca’s pause on its trials following a neurological problem exhibited by one of its volunteers in UK. “We want the vaccine to be safe and we have got to let the process play out and it’s going to take a while.” said Dr Ashish Jha. The being developed by Johnson & Johnson’s is by far the most advanced vaccine for COVID-19 with just 1 dose required compared to the 2 dose vaccines produced by the other companies.

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